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About Us

Steve : Big Cheif Chutney Friars Farm was my brainchild, but it wouldn’t be where it is now without the help from everyone else.

As you can tell I have a bad habit of wearing silly clothes and silly hats. I have a passion for good quality food at reasonable prices.  I’ve been making jams & chutneys for most of my life, the cake and food side for the last five years.

I love the old fashioned ways of preserving and making food.

Rachel: The sane one of the team, “sometimes”.

She loves donkeys and and our micropig “Mamma Pig”.

When we all start getting creative and carried away she keeps us grounded. But she must be slightly crazy to put up with me.

What Is The |Farm Part I hear you ask, Well it originally started with 2 micro pigs and ducks and chickens that we kept at home, so one of our neighbours James called us friars farm. But from that we grew.

With a 2.5 acre plot of land that had been left empty for many years , my daughter charlie and I started to clear it and remove 20 yrs of fly tipping, watching videos on youtube on how to lay hedges, we attempted to clear it. This is still an on going process with lots of obstacles in the way. we are now renting the land ajoining to make 5 acres. 

The animals we have now, are mainly pets and ones we have been asked to re-home and look after. we work with some great people who donate food that will go to waste and the animals have a great varied diet.