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Two Jar Christmas Gift Pack


Choose any two of our standard large jar offerings presented in a festive fabric gift bag. The perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family.

Colours of the gift bags vary

  • Apple & Fig chutney

    Described as christmas pudding in a jar, a delightful chutney for any cheese, or ideal to warm and serve in a tart case

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Apple & Mint jelly

    A traditional apple and mint jelly stemming back to a recipe from George Washington's wife Martha, when at Sulgrave manor Northamptonshire

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Beetroot & Orange chutney

    A beetroot chutney like no other with a hint of orange, This cutney brightens up any salad on a summers day

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Black Berry jam

    A traditional BlackBerry jam made with locally grown fruit from lutton farm. A nice set with whole fruit

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Black cherry jam

    Unique flavour with the black cherry . Customers just love this flavour . We use sour cherries so it's not to sweet and brings out the delicous cherry flavour

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Blueberry jam

    A traditioanl jam made with locally grown blueberries, nothing artificial

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Chilli Jam

    An amazing verstaile chilli jam, sweet with a gentle warmth, ideal on toast , as a glaze or dipping sauce, stir fried vegetables or chicken etc

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Coffee Curd

    A coffee curd full of coffee flavor, using skull crusher coffee as an espresso base , sugar, butter, eggs , nothing artificial, packs a full coffee flavour

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Gourmet Red cabbage

    this gourmet gluten free red cabbaage, like no other ever tasted

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Temporarily unavailable

  • Hot Tomato Salsa

    A fiery salsa made with smokey scotch bonnet chillies, sugar free , spice up a good burger or fill a chicken breast

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Jalapeno Jelly

    Fresh jalapenos go into making this new jelly , it has an amazing flavour  . It does pack some heat

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Lemon Curd (proper)

    Traditional lemon curd, full of zing from the lemons, only natural ingredients for a curd , free range eggs, butter , sugar , lemon juice and zest

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Lime Pickle

    A traditional lime pickle like no other, preserved in the traditional way to soften the limes, the perfect accompaniment with savory foods or with mature cheese

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Mango Chutney

    A chunky fresh mango chutney , hint of ginger , nigella seeds

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Northampton breakfast marmalade

    red grapefruit and orange maramalade in the same style as the original northampton marmalade

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Northampton Marmalade

    Our world award winning bespoke marmalade

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Northampton Pickle

    Another of our own bespoke creations.A dark pickle packed with delicious fruit and veg . The perfect accompaniment

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Phipps Stout Chutney

    Using local NBC Phipps Ratliff stout in the creating of this flavorful chutney, bring traditions together

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Picalilli (Proper)

    This jewel in our crown, this 100 year old recipe taken and tweaked to the modern taste , we kept the spices but made it gluten free and took out the salt , to create the most popular picalilli in the area, forget the branded ones this will suprise you

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Red Onion Chutney

    This is not your average onion chutney, suitable for sugar free diets, and not a sweet marmalade, reminiscent of pickled onions, this popular chutney ideal for tapas

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Spiced Apricot chutney

    A full flavor apricot chutney, ideal with game, meats, hams, ideal as a glaze

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Spicy Plum Chutney

    Another of our own creations, sweet and spicy chutney

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Summer Fruit Jam

    Our best selling jam , a mix of summer fruits all made the traditional way.

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Tomato & Red Pepper Relish

    Made using stevia leaf so sugar free and suitable for diabetics, this fresh relish perfect for wraps , quesadillas and much more

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Traditional Raspberry Jam

    A very traditional raspberry jam, made with local raspberries and using the open pan method, its packed full of flavour , nothing artifial at all

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Traditional Strawberry Jam

    Strawberry jam as it should be , packed full of fruit and made to a traditional family recipe

    Temporarily unavailable

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