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Skyver Cheese – Approx 150g


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This is our semi hard cheese with an amber glow. This has a lovely creamy texture and a nutty flavour with a rating 5/10 strength, perfect for those mild cheddar lovers.

Skyver is a firm cheese with an amber glow. It has a nutty flavour and a great addition to a cheese board. Goes well with Friars Farm Red Onion Chutney. Skyver is matured for a minimum of two months.

This cheese got it’s name from the Skyver who had the job of reducing the cut edges of leather shoe components (cut out by the clickers) so footwear could be swen together more neatly. Skyvers would process parts far more quickly than the clickers so spend a lot of time ‘doing nothing’ waiting for parts – hence the slang term ‘skyver’ became used to describe a lazy person.

You will receive a section of cheese approximately 150g



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