Friar's Farm 

Pineapple, Mango & Chilli Jam, ​A sweet and fruitful jam with a hint of chilli  OUT OF STOCK


Apple & Mint jelly, made using fresh mint , 

Garlic Pickle, This is SERIOUS garlic, full on garlic punch, not for the feint hearted


Wholegarin mustard,crunchy wholegrain mustard, beautiful flavor

Hot Tomato Salsa, This fiery beast will tickle those taste buds, quite a hot one 

Lime pickle, ​a tangy lime pickle to tantalise your taste buds.

​​Decadence Range 

For Christmas we decided to do some extra special products, some do contain alcohol, for that little extra special touch 

Red Pepper Jelly, ​A different concept with the full flavor of red peppers 

Horseradish & Cranberry , a different take on horseradish sauce, ideal with most meats

Apricot chutney infused with spiced orange tea​.apricots soaked in an old fashioned way with tea, the full flavor of the fruit 

Black Cherry & Amaretto preserve, ​A flavor of cherry bakewell tart, this divine little number has proven extremly popular alraedy

Northampton 'Breakfast' Marmalade, Similar style to the original marmalade but this is made with red grapefruit and orange.

Beetroot & Orange Chutney, Beetroot with a hint of orange, the taste is amazing

Gin & Orange Marmalade,The base is our northampton marmalade but with a splash of gin 

Wholegrain mustard with horseradish, ​a nice bite from the horseradish perfect with beef

Piccalilli , ​A traditional style piccalilli, tangy and sharp

Grape & Cardamom jelly, ​A very fragrant jelly with cardamom 

Grape jelly, A delightful grape jelly for that extra special touch OUT OF STOCK


Spicy plum chutney,plump plums makes this a truly homegrown chutney.

Apricot Jam, ​The full flavor of apricots in this delightful traditional jam 

Chilli jam, ​On the best seller list this divine sweet jelly style jam, with a gentle warmth, lots of different uses.

Summer fruits jam, A mix of different home grown summer fruits pack into one delicous jam, one of our top sellers.

​Northampton Marmalade,world award winning an orange marmalade with a difference using an age old process a curd like preserve without the eggs.

Strawberry jam. this is a traditional strawberry jam lots of whole fruit.

JAMS all £3.00

Mango Chutney , a nice fruit packed mango chutney delicious.

Tomato & Red pepper relish, ​tomatoes peppers onion this is one awesome relish.sugar free

Cranberry Salsa, Cranberries are not just for xmas.

Fig & Apple , ​a lovely fruity chutney that goes well with most dishes.

CHUTNEYS  all £3.00


Postage listed here is £2.80 2nd class royal mail. This will give you upto 2kg in weight. You can have up to 4 bottles of sauce or jars, or a mix. Please add this postage to your order.


 Red onion chutney, A lovely red onion chutney made with nutmeg, sugar free

Products List available now direct from us. All our jams and chutneys are free from artificial coloring or preservatives, we prefer the traditional way.

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